The drive to integrate technology at Sparrow Schools

When Norval Petersen (Science teacher at Sparrow Schools) returned from London after the first Teacher Exchange Programme between Dulwich Prep London and Sparrow Schools, he was driven to incorporate technology in his classroom. After spending two weeks at Dulwich Prep, Norval witnessed the benefits of using technology to support the education of pupils at Dulwich Prep London, and wanted the same of his class in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Whilst Sparrow School staff and students were enjoying their summer holidays, the two teachers who took part in the Teacher Exchange Programme decided to contact Apple to see if they were willing to donate iPads to Sparrow Schools. These iPads would bring technology into the classroom, which would contribute to the school’s agenda for the new term.

On Tuesday 7th of February, Sparrow’s Grade 6 class had a special visit from a company called Poynting Direct which specialises in boosting antennas and wireless technologies in South Africa. Ivy Matlawa and Reabetswe Makwela brightened up the Tuesday morning Science class by dropping off the first tablet devices for the school. The faces of the children and Norval lit up as the tablets were handed out to the class.

With the goal of supporting the integration of technology into the classrooms, the donation of these tablets came at a perfect time for the school. Sparrow School is excited to continue on the journey of incorporating technology in the classrooms to aid the pupils’ education. The next goal for the school is to introduce smart boards to help the teachers use technology in the classroom. Currently, pupils watch educational videos (or movies at the end of term) on a small laptop screen, if their teacher owns a laptop!

Staff and students delighted to receive the first tablets at Sparrow Schools.