Renata Noble visits the UK

Sparrow Schools paid a visit to your neck of the woods.

The Sparrow’s fundraising manager, Renata Noble, visited the U.K. in May. Thank you to those schools who welcomed and hosted Renata.

It was an eye-opening experience for all involved and a reminder of the power of collaboration and building strong relationships.

While on her visit, Renata showcased the transformative power of education by sharing some of the success stories from Sparrow.

This included some of the children from Jerusalem’s informal settlement (a shanty town) that have been given bursaries to be able to study at the Sparrow Foundation School.

These children often face unimaginable barriers on a daily basis coming from difficult circumstances with a lack of proper education and possible absent parents. As a result, they now now have the opportunity to receive quality education thanks to generous donations to this worthy charity.

Thank you for your support to make this happen.

Learners at the Combined Technical Skills School are making their mark in the kitchen during a cooking class, one of the many skills-training offered by the school.
A learner enjoys crawling during a Motor Gross session, one of the many valuable support programs offered by Sparrow Foundation School.
A learner works on his reading skills in a Phono-Graphix session, another valuable support programme offered at Sparrow Foundation School.
A learner explores the world of computers in the recently launched Coding and Robotics programme at Sparrow Foundation School.
In between classes and support programmes, two learners have some time to flex their mental muscles with a game of chess